Be careful before clicking on links

Be careful not to click on the link

Can it be hacked just by clicking on the link? 🤔

Ans: Yes !!!!!!

First let's see what can be hacked on your device just by clicking on the link!

Hackers can get your Contact list, message, location, Camera access.

Aut Automically Spyware is installed on your device and it can be executed to hack almost your entire device.

★ If it is not Execute, then a picture, pdf, doc file, or any kind of file can be downloaded by clicking on the link, and just by clicking on it, the virus can enter your device.

যদি If hackers use Browsee exploit, such as Beef! If you click on the link in your browser Saved password hacker can get. You can get your Location, contact list, (If you do not have a password saved, then you can be hacked on the Advance Phishing page with your Id pass.

করলে If the hacker uses Link Exploit, your computer can also be hacked through it.

There could be many more ways, now let’s duckie in a detailed discussion. I will mention only 4-5 steps.

অনেক Our phone often comes with the message "Take 10 GB for free with Mygp or any other App link to download"

Hackers can also do this by spoofing bulk sms or sms. , Will bind the virus inside the app! If you download the app, it will work properly, and the virus will remain in Duke. Even if you uninstall the app, the virus will remain on the device under any other name. (If Embed then another thing) And you will be hacked !!

We get a lot of emails, big companies check emails every day. Suppose a customer emails, he gives a demo. Or link to know the details. To open an email from the company, a file will be downloaded and auto executed ,,,! If not, an error will appear on the display, it is Cancel or ok whatever. The virus must be executed. Diameter, Pc hacked. Data leaked. Or demanding large sums of money. Or all the data encrypted in Ransomeware Attack!

This is how big companies are hacked all the time. Freelancer Rao is hacked. Because everyone is a Windows user, every day the client's demo is seen, it needs to be opened with Download. How much This is why they are hacked more. It can be called Drive by exploit.

Open Open a link with your Android device. As long as the tab of the open link is open in your browser, your browser will continue to make love transactions in peace with the hacker.

It can get your camera access, location access. Or Saved password can take all. Many times you will see many people put a tab on the camera. That's why I put it on.

★ We browse with different Website browsers. Sometimes annoying popups come, auto redirect takes you to another page.

This way your phone data can be hacked. Then you can see what you are doing with your camera access, you can also blackmail by recording.

Now another thing, in case of browser exploit, as long as your tab is open, your device will be in love with the hacker, as soon as you close the tab, they will break up. How smart is a hacker depending on the butt ...! If it is more smart, even if you close the tab, there is no profit, brother, their love will continue !!!

(There are many more ways to write so much in one post, so I can't write in more detail.)

★ How to keep yourself safe?

Use good antivirus. Although I'm disabling my Defender, Real time protection, Firewall. I can use it in a safe way
, I understand something. So don't do that. Definitely use a good antivirus. Although hackers can bypass that. Still a lot of Secure.

You can come to Linux. I use dual boot, more on Linux than Windows.

When you open the link, it does not open directly from Facebook or anywhere, you can open the Incognito mode by copying the link or anything that is not saved in the browser. Be sure to tap on the laptop's camera. I have planted it for a long time!

How do you give these Attacks ????

(Some things have to be learned by yourself. You can try In sha Allah, use browser exploit, Rat, doc exploit, image exploit etc. , Undetectable Silent exploits are often bought)

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