FACEBOOK I’d Hack New Tools! You can do hacking without logging in to Termux! ID will be hacked more easily

Today I will show you how to hack Bangladeshi Facebook account with Termux app. You do not need to login to any Facebook account tools for this work.

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Some words

No account login is required with these tools.

The Termux app cannot be cleared from the recent menu during the attack

You can login to hacked successful accounts instantly but you can login to the checkpoint accounts after 24/48 hours.

Connect to a VPN when logging in to a hacked account for your own security

So first enter the app and enter the commands.

First of all, you have to give the Termux app with storage permission. So type,

ls then some will actually ALLOW
pkg update && pkg upgrade -y
pkg install python
pkg install python2
pkg install git -y
git clone https://github.com/BotolMehedi/bhot

=> cd bhot

=> ls

=> python2 bhot.py
USERNAME : thandabotol

PASSWORD : gorombotol

Those who are facing command missing problem..

 pkg update && pkg -y install git && pkg -y install python && apt-get update && apt-get -y install git && apt-get -y install python3 && apt-get -y install python3-pip && pip install –upgrade pip