(NID Card) Safety Post

I had no intention of posting on this topic, but I wrote the article in the hope that at least 10 people would realize the issue after seeing the unconsciousness of many people.

For several days now I have been seeing many people posting on their Facebook timeline or in different groups,

  "Inbox for those who need NID Card online copy,"

Many people are immediately giving them the number of the voter slip and after seeing the number of the voter slip they are downloading the PDF file of their NID Card, people are very happy that they got the NID Card.

 But they do not take into account that the person who took out the NID Card has the copy and now he can print whatever he wants, which can be a danger to the NID Card owner.

We usually think that if someone can do that with Nid card, if he wants to get a SIM then I need a fingerprint which he can't get at all, then where is the problem?

That's why I made this post.

First of all, the ID card has a lot of information you need, you can say there are details about you,

Such as name, father's, mother's name, and explicitly your address.

Now you can ask how you can put yourself in danger, the man helped you.

Speaking of which, what if the guy did it with a nefarious purpose?

Currently NID card is used for many private purposes besides government work, he can do those tasks easily with your NID.

There are a few incidents I know of being blackmailed with this little NID that led to jail time. One of them had a copy of a bag of NID.

Let me give you a few simple examples:

Suppose the person stored the ID for malicious purposes If he wishes, he can open a verified Facebook ID with that NID and use it for malicious purposes.
Nowadays you have to submit NID to have an account on many online sites, let's say you opened a brilliant account using your NID and it was misused, now you can be in danger if the police.
There are many more things that can be done, not all that can be written,
- NID is one of the personal things that should never be given to anyone, but some people are unknowingly admitting to cheating by making this mistake.

Be careful!

Election Commission sources said that there is a provision of jail-fine for intentionally destroying or misusing the smart national identity card. Any such 'mistake' with Smart National Identity Card can be a big danger for you. In this case, if a person is found guilty, he can be imprisoned for less than two years or fined up to Rs 50,000.

The provisions of the Election Commission on Crime and Punishment contain clear instructions in this regard.

So I will tell everyone to be aware online, keep yourself safe